Integrating Magento with your POS, ERP, Accounts, Warehouse and Business Systems

How do you integrate your systems so that your on-line orders, in-store EPOS customers, stock, accounts, warehouse… are seamlessly shared across your business while leveraging all the functionality and control of Magento M1 and M2. The answer is to let our specialist integrators link your Magento store with your pos and business systems.

Magento Integration
Accentika Magento Integration

Integration means that your products, prices, customers, orders, stocks, discounts, financial records etc etc are preserved across your business systems. Customers will be able to buy on-line and in-store, preserving their account details across pos and Magento while stocks and financial information will automatically be updated to provide live numbers in all systems.

There are four basic ways of integrating Magento with your business systems and pos:

  • Extend Magento with custom export routines that will export/import data in appropriate format eg orders for warehouse picking and processing
  • Build custom Magento Extensions that will communicate directly with business systems via they system’s webservice interface (eg using the system’s Application Programming Interface (API) to exchange information)
  • Build custom Magento Extensions that will communicate with appropriate “middleware” that sits in front of the business systems and enables comminucation with it.
  • Install and configure existing Magento extensions.

The best solution depends on answers to a number of questions such as…

  1. What is the degree of automation required?
  2. Is data exchange required to be two-way
  3. Is data required to be live or can it be batched?
  4. Is an existing API available?
  5. Is an existing Magento extensions available for the target Magento version (M1 or M2)?
  6. Is secure access possible to the target system?

Custom Integration Examples from recent Accentika projects

Custom Exports and Imports
  • Orders exported as formatted files and auto-transferred to warehouse for processing.
  • Warehouse barcode data back-imported into Magento to update order records and confirm warehouse status
  • Customer discount prices batch imported daily to update customer buying price
Middleware and Direct API
  • Order financial information communicating with middleware (Intellisell) for integration with Sage accounts
  • Integrating Magento on-line sales with in-store EposNow
  • Integrating Magento on-line sales with custom store EPOS
  • Integrating orders and customer with Khaos ERP

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Magento Integration

Let Accentika developers integrate your retail and stock systems with your Magento site