Speed Bump Toolbox To Make Your Site Fly

Systematic suite of services to boost page load speed and improve user experience

You get the occasional comment from customers that your site is slow. Maybe your sales team mention that sometimes they have to wait when using the site. Do you have a problem with your site speed that is costing you money in lost sales? How widespread and serious is the problem? Can you solve it and retain those lost sales?

These are the questions we can answer (and solutions we can deliver) with a remediation programme custom designed for your site with the help of Accentika Speed Bump Toolbox. This is a suite of development services and monitoring technologies bring together: Real User Data Analyser, Magento Code Scrubber, Image Squeezer, Server Manager, Database Rebuilder and CDN Delivery.

Real User Data Analysis

Every Accentika remediation programme begins with the setting up of real user monitoring to build a picture of page load performance, by desktop user and mobiles, across the whole site. To achieve this we install a small tool in your Magento site that enables us to quantify:

  • DOM processing time – how quickly the scripts the page elements are processed by various browsers;
  • Page rendering time – how quickly the processed information is displayed to the user as a finished page
  • Network Latency – the effect of operations outside the page processing.

Not only does this provide valuable clues to where any problems might be, it also allows us to build up a picture site-wide, identifying if the problem is with particular pages or sections. Or if the problems are more systematic.

Importantly we will use this data to quantify improvements as a result of the remediation programme.

Magento Code Scrubbing

Guided by the Real User Data Monitoring, our developers will examine your Magento’s store’s code and configuration for elements that can be optimised. Sometimes, just the order that elements are loaded can be changed to improve page load speeds. In addition to looking at page code and javascript for any drags on processing, we will examine your store’s configuration, caching, indexing and other aspects that affect Magento’s processing speed.

If necessary we will rework code and site configuration to optimise speed, starting with the elements that will bring the most benefit at the least development cost.

Image Squeezing

Simply optimising images can have a significant effect on page load speeds, reducing load times by 10-30% where images have not  previously been optimised.

In addition, the requirement to support high resolution displays can lead to  large image file sizes being download, even on mobile devices, putting a penalty on your vital mobile and tablet users. We can resample images to generate image sets suitable for each device type and can modify the site code to ensure the appropriate image is presented on a device basis, reducing the need to download massively oversize images.

Working at a server level (see Server Manager below), we can configure your site and workflows to ensure your images are automatically resized and optimised whenever they are uploaded by your content managers.

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Server Manager

The server environment can have a massive effect on Magento page load speeds. Server parameters such as available RAM/memory and disk i/o speeds can be limiting. But also having an effect are the webserver configuration, scripting language versions installed and server caching.

We will install a monitoring tool that will allow us to record what else is happening on your server in real time, such as other processes that may be causing load peaks. These may be impacting on page processing speeds, so we will investigate server loads to see if they can removed, lessened or even moved to a time of day when there is less impact on your store.

As a result of the monitoring we will be able to advise if any of the following are required:

  • Upgrade server hardware
  • Upgrade/recompile webserver with additional modules
  • Enable webserver caching
  • Upgrade PHP

Database Rebuilder

For every page that is displayed, or operation on your store, multiple database queries are run. So database operation can be a critical – particularly in very busy stores.

We will analyse database operation and current limits and, optimising where necessary.

In busy stores we may advise to move the database to a separate server so that it does not add to the server load on the webserver. For highest performance, we can set up master/slave databases, where multiples databass are used for reading information (allowing faster processing of most pages), while others are used to write information.

CDN Delivery

CDN (Content Delivery Networks) can speed display of pages to users around the world by providing local cached versions of pages. CDNs can also speed  delivery of images and Magento can be configured to make the best use of CDN benefits.