Magento 2 Upgrade: Migrating 1.9 to 2

Complete migration of your Magento 1.9 store – all data, extensions and custom code – to latest Magento 2.x

Our Magento migration service includes a complete rebuild of your store and data using the latest 2.x version of Magento.

Accentika Magento 2.x Upgrade Service

  • Survey 1.9 Extensions
  • Survey 1.9 Custom Code
  • Rebuild/Redesign Interfaces as Magento 2
  • Migrate Magento 1.9 Data to Magento 2
  • Install Magento 2 Extensions
  • Modify custom code for Magento 2
  • Optimise Magento 2 Store for Speed and Response

Magento upgrade from 1.x to 2.x is a significant process which is why we refer to it as Magento Migration. Magento 2 has been substantially redesigned to improve speed and security and provide future flexibility. Magento 2 uses a different codebase to Magento 1 which means that Magento 1 extensions and custom code will not work. Magento 1 extensions need to be replaced with Magento 2 equivalents and, if an equivalent Magento 2 extension does not exist, then custom code needs to written to deliver the same functionality. In some cases, the fuctionality of a Magento 1 extension has been integrated into the Magento 1 core code, so an extension is no longer required.

As part of the Magento 2 migration we work with clients to review interface requirements and integration of stores with other installed business systems and processes. That allows us to develop custom integration tools as part of the migration.

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